What We Do

American Resources, Inc. (ARI) is a Houston, Texas based oil and gas investment, development and operating company focused on acquisition of underexploited, distressed and/or undervalued oil and gas assets and companies where we believe our involvement can add value. ARI strives to maximize value through active management of assets and/or board level participation in its corporate investments.

Founded in 2013 by Ivar Siem and J. Douglas Schick, ARI originally focused on buying and redeveloping distressed and undervalued assets as an oil and gas operating company, however over the past several years the company has evolved into making corporate investments and partnerships in companies as well as asset level investments.


Invest and partner in projects where our deep experience in the energy business can be of assistance and a value add in the facilitation of the acquisition, financial and operational restructuring, turn around, development and future growth of distressed and/or undervalued assets and companies.

Operational Mission

  • Acquire properties and make investments where we believe additional value can be created through optimization and exploitation of primary production and infill development as well as facilitation of secondary or enhanced recovery programs.
  • Acquire properties that give ARI a substantial working interest and operational control of the assets.
  • Maximize the value of our properties by increasing production and recoverable reserves and implementing cost controls to lower recurring expenses.
  • Develop a portfolio of assets with long-lived reserves.