Past Projects

Fort Stockton

American Resources, Inc. (ARI) operated the Fort Stockton field in Pecos County, Texas for Norexas, LLC. The field is located just outside the town of Fort Stockton. ARI/Norexas acquired the field in December of 2013. The field has approximately 60 producing wells producing from the Queen formation. Fort Stockton was exploited through redevelopment and optimization of surface facilities resulting in increased production and lowered lease operating expenses. ARI identified 35 recompletion opportunities and performed a water flood study indicating potential 4MMBOE recoverable reserves.  The was field monetized in November 2015.


ARI operated the Paluxy field on behalf of Norexas, LLC in Edwards County, Texas. The project consisted of approximately 5,000 acres in a shallow oil play exploitable through various enhanced oil recovery techniques.  ARI abandoned the project in 2020 due to years of sustained low oil prices.

St. Martinville

ARI operated the St. Martinville field in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana on behalf of Drillmar Oil & Gas. The field consisted of 12 wells with max production of 140BOPD producing from various formations and depths. ARI sold the field in February 2016.

S. Alvin

ARI operated the S. Alvin field on behalf of Drillmar Oil & Gas. When ARI took over operations in 2013 the field was non-producing and was a significant P&A liability. ARI cleaned up the location and sold the field to an investor who subsequently turned the property into a commercial SWD facility.


ARI operated the Francitas field in Jackson County, Texas on behalf of Drillmar Oil & Gas.

High Island

ARI operated the Sun Fee #1 well in the High Island field on a contract basis for US Energy AB.